Where you can't tell whether it's real or synthetic.
United Turf Solutions is a leading provider of Synthetic
Turf and Putting Greens in a fast growing industry.
High volume, product/development/technology,
warehouse capacity and immediate shipping ability are
some of the key factors to the success and reputation
of United Turf Solutions.

United Turf Solutions uses only the latest proven
technologies in a rapidly changing industry. Yarn
technology (shapes, deniers, chemical makeup/testing
data/ optimal stitch rates) is our primary focus and

United Turf Solutions always has product in stock and
can ship immediately. United Turf Solutions does not
hide behind a website with an undisclosed location
pedaling small amounts of turf. United Turf Solutions
has a large warehouse in southern California that is
always stocked. Product can be will called directly or
shipped immediately when an order is placed. Turf can
also be customized to any particular specifications for
any special project or for originality.

United Turf Solutions caters mainly to Synthetic Turf
installation companies who recognize and demand the
best products, and expect as they should, product to
be shipped immediately.

United Turf Solutions is always there to answer
questions and educate their clients. All this effort is so
our customers know they are installing and buying
products that will not only look good but also perform
and surpass their competition for years to come.  Not
all Synthetic grass is equal.
About United Turf Solutions