Face Weight and Quality
The face weight is how much the yarn weighs per square yard not
including the backing or infill (yarn only). This measurement tells you
how much product you are getting for your money as long as the
comparison is completely parallel. Nylon thatch based products are
the most expensive to produce although most artificial turf is
produced using 28% nylon thatch. Products can also be made with up
to 45% thatch, which increases the quality, durability and thickness.
United Turf carries both construction methods.

Yarn technology is also important. For example: How many microns
per blade, yarn shape for optimal performance, and stitch rates to
balance performance and aesthetics are crucial to achieving a top
quality product. United Turf takes all these variables and more into
consideration when developing their product line.

Use The Appropriate Style
Many synthetic turf applications are installed with generic styles of
turf due to an assumption that all turf is the same or a limited variety
is offered. Very low activity areas need to address quality, density,
and aesthetics where as areas with mid-level activity or more should
have a thatch product with a high density installed. A high-density
thatch based product significantly recovers better during activity and
grooming, as well as a high quality yarn.

Not all installs are the same! Installation quality is very important for
aesthetics and longevity. How the sub-surface is sculpted, how the
edges are addressed, how the product is secured…etc.
Where you can't tell whether it's real or synthetic!